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Or maybe not….

Jerit Roser taking pictures“You’ll be back,” Sean Fox told me just a few weeks ago on his radio show as we discussed my venture away from a sports journalism industry far more frustrating and taxing at times than many people outside of it ever realize.

The hectic world where I’d lived — and, I think it’s probably fair to say, thrived — for three years at The Daily Reveille at LSU, two and a half years at The News-Star in Monroe and then the past nearly four years at NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune.

I told pretty much everyone with whom I spoke about the career move that “I’ll still be around in some capacity.”

And here — other than me still megaphoning recruiting commitments via Twitter around the priorities of my new job — is my first real sign of backing that up.

My apologies. It took a little longer than I expected.

Jerit Roser working two phonesDon’t expect me to “quit my day job,” as the saying goes. The first four weeks there have been great.

But I look forward to continuing to feature Louisiana-tied athletes here in a high-quality and in-depth way.

The first three features — on Chelsea Hayes, Lindsey Scott and Amik Robertson  — were extremely fulfilling to write, and I already have in mind several other individuals I know I have tremendous stories of their own.

I’ve already told a couple they’re on deck.

Louisiana is overflowing with talent from corner to corner and from the playgrounds to the pros.

And so many of the stories of how those athletes got where they are, or to be who they are, are just downright fascinating.

A few other states boast their own impressive resumes in those regards.

But at the end of the day, there’s really no place I’d rather be… than Dat Boot.



Jerit Roser can be reached at Jerit@DatBoot.com.


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